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Legal notices

Terms and Conditions and 'an integral part of the brand BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO and all of its content is managed and maintained by BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO.
Access to and use of BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO as well as the offer and sale of products from BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO are regulated by these general conditions of use and sale.
Access to and use of this website as well as the purchase of products on WWW.WWW.ABITIBALLO.IT require reading, knowledge and acceptance of these terms and conditions. By accessing the site BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO users agree to accept and abide by the compliance with all the conditions contained in this website.
WWW.ABITIBALLO.IT and all of its content is owned by BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO. This includes documentation, images, characters, design, music, software, codes and format scripts.
Any reproduction, modification, transmission, publication or redistribution to third parties for commercial purposes, is strictly prohibited without the express written consent from BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO.
BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO prohibits the use of the content or brands on the site for any purpose other than those mentioned above.
The images contained on the site are the property of WWW.ABITIBALLO.IT BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO. Any use of these images, not authorized by a written consent of BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO, will be prosecuted according to law.
WWW.ABITIBALLO.IT has created and published the site BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO with the aim of offering a service exclusively to its customers.
Items for sale on the site BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO / WWW.ABITIBALLO.IT are intended primarily to the Final. For the Final Customer, BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO means a natural person of age 'acting at the age BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO for purposes outside his trade, business or profession.
BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO then invites users that do not relate to the Final Customer to contact our company to establish a possible relationship of wholesale.
Given the trade policy described above, BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO reserves the right not to process orders from persons that are not the Final Customer or orders do not comply with its trade policy and the general conditions.
These terms and conditions of use are governed by Italian law and must be interpreted in accordance with Italian law. You agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian courts. Any dispute reconnected to the use of this site and purchases by BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO will be pleaded by the court of Padova.
BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO publishes information on its website in order to provide a constantly updated to its customers, and has taken every precaution to ensure its users that the contents of BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO are accurate and do not contain information incorrect or out of date at the date of their publication; However BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO disclaims any responsibility for the possibility of any technical inaccuracies or factual and / or typographical errors which will then immediately corrected as they are discovered even after a warning.
BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO disclaims any responsibility for the possibility that, due to a particular configuration of the computer used by the customer or of a malfunction, the colors of the products displayed on the site appear to be slightly different from the original.
BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO also reserves the right to make corrections and changes to the web site when necessary without prior notice.
BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO has adopted technical and organizational measures to safeguard the security of its services on BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO and to enable the customer to identify and correct any errors in data entry prior to the order, and guarantees that its site BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO is protected according to international standards for the Internet. If used correctly, users are protected from the risk of viruses.
BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO, however, it can not guarantee users that the website will operate continuously, without interruption and without errors or malfunctions due to internet connection to the deactivation of cookies in your browser, and is not its responsibility and any responsibility for any problems, damage or risks you may encounter while using the site.
BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO/ reserves the right to refuse orders received by individuals or companies who have previously created administrative problems related to payments not gone well for refunds or multiple groundless or incorrect. also it reserves' the right to deactivate the account of the client who is considered untrusted.
Carrying out an order from the customer site agrees to pay the required goods at the time of order confirmation, via the method of payment during the forwarding of the order.
Return policy:
According to the European Directive 2011/83 the customer can 'exercise the right of withdrawal to be exercised no later than 14 days.

Exchanges / Replacements / Returns

1. To request authorization to return the product , and refund, the customer must register obligatorily to the site, to log in, enter his private area and request it within 14 days of receipt of the products. In the restricted area, the customer can seek the order in which will select the product for which it intends to return request, indicate the motives and methods (change size, color change, change, refund, or rethinking made for voucher redeemable on BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO .Once received the return request, send the customer a written confirmation of receipt request.

 2. Once received the request, BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO will contact the customer to agree on the mode for the Personal shipment by the customer, at post offices or by other means.

 3. The items requested in exchange must be of equal or greater value than the returned merchandise, while for us it was just an afterthought, and you want to return goods claiming the refund of the amount paid, you can return the goods that must been kept in perfect condition and not used.
for what dress partially damaged, will be 'retained a sum in proportion to a decrease in the value of the property poorly guarded, as required under the new legislation.

 4. The procedure to return made for reimbursement for reconsideration or for reasons not attributable to the company BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO, spending on shipping will always be charged to the customer.

For orders from outside of Italy the price is set at € 15 per spedition. The refund does not including shipping will be made by crediting the credit card with which he has made the payment and will take place 'in a maximum of 14 days from the date of request for restitution. This timing may vary slightly depending on the banking circuit used.

 5. For return the dresses must be received at the headquarters of BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO at BLUEMOON ABBIGLIAMENTO Via Petrarca 4, 35031 Abano Terme (PD) ITALY . within 14 days after written authorization by the department to the Customer Returns BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO


Leaders must not have been worn, washed or altered and must not show any signs of use, outside the normal test procedure of the leaders.

• Each item must be returned with all labels, packaging and accessories (dustbags, hangers, garment covers etc.) received with the order are considered for all purposes an integral part of the product itself and it must not have been damaged and / or altered.

• In the event that the customer receives defective goods, or that errors in shipments by BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO is required to follow the same instructions above. the company reserves the right to request photographic evidence before allowing returns for defective merchandise and make arrangements for the shipment of the goods at their location.

• All returned items will be subject to a review by the company, such verification and 'necessary to specify that they were respected all the parameters listed in the procedure made by the customer. BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO reserves the right to impose a charge equal to a percentage of the value of the returned goods in cases where the return does not comply with all terms and conditions prescribed by the new code of the right of return set by the European directive 2011 / 83.

The company Bluemoon BLUEMOONABBIGLIAMENTO of clothing based in Via Petrarca 4 in Abano Terme (PD) ITALY reserves the right not to accept additional orders from customers who have made the most 'sometimes use and misuse of procedure made for issues of rethinking unjustified.

Text drafted 06/01/2019

Online Dispute Resolution

Online dispute resolution

Present the problem you have experienced online as a consumer to an authorized dispute resolution body

Click here → Odr (Online dispute resolution)

The online platform where the consumer can settle disputes with the seller without going through the court

More information on companies and online dispute resolution in the EU
Consumer disputes - ODR, online dispute resolution

Piattaforma ODR  governed by regulation (EU) no. 524/2013 of Parliament and Council of 21 May 2013 to resolve disputes arising out of contracts for online purchase of goods and services out of court (Online Dispute Regulation)

What are ODR?

The European Regulation on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) - Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament of 21 May 2013 - concerns the procedures designed to resolve disputes between businesses and consumers arising out of contracts for goods and services stipulated online out of court .

Together, the European Directive on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Regulation (EU) no. 524/20013, constitute the legislative package ADR-ODR which, for the first time, introduces a coordinated and homogeneous set of rules: an online web platform for the whole EU and procedures for the alternative resolution of disputes.

How to make a claim for disputes related to online contracts?

Consumers and businesses have a single entry point consisting of the established ODR platform of regulation 524. Through ADR entities that are connected to the platform, consumers and businesses have access to an alternative solution to consumer disputes via quality ADR procedures.

What to do if you are a Consumer

To resolve disputes with companies deriving from purchases of goods and services carried out online or through online markets (so-called Marketplace), consumers can connect to the ODR telematic platform, managed by the European Commission, which can be reached at

once connected they can choose the body to turn to to resolve the dispute and activate the procedure.

The web address of the ODR platforms must also be accessible from the site of the company with which the contract for the purchase of goods or services is stipulated.

For more information, contact the consumer associations registered in the national list.